About StartLine


Michael Bonnar
Trumbull, CT

“Every race begins at the Start Line”. For over a decade now, that has been my motto for StartLine Race Services. We have been timing road races, swim events and triathlons since 2007. We time on average 60 events a year using Chronotrack Timing Systems equipment (the same as used at the NYC Marathon). Working with Super Race Systems since 2006, we are also part of the timing teams for the New York City Marathon, New Haven 20K – national championship and Fairfield Half Marathon, just to name a few. We also time the Swim Across America events for New York and Connecticut.

We help to make your experience as a Race Director/Coordinator as stress- free as possible. Check our “Services” page to see what we can provide for your event. If you don’t see something you are looking for … Just ask!

 Think of StartLine Race Services when you are planning on organizing a race. We have the know-how and experience to help make your event a memorable one and get you and your participants past the Start Line and happily to the Finish.